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Meet Lissette

Welcome! I'm Lissette.

From the moment my dad handed me my first camera as a little girl, photography has been my lifelong love. That very camera, now a cherished display piece, holds the essence of my journey.

Surrounded by a family that believed in my dreams and passions, I've been blessed with unwavering support. Yet, in this beautiful tapestry of memories, there's a single thread of regret — the absence of an updated family portrait before my dad's departure.

It's this poignant realization that fuels my passion for family photography.


I've made it my mission to ensure no family shares this regret. Every click of my camera is infused with the commitment to capture and preserve those irreplaceable moments.

Let's embark on a journey together, freezing those precious family moments in time. I eagerly await the opportunity to tell your unique story through the lens.

Looking forward to connecting soon, Lissette.

Owner Of Lissette Pajaro Photography

Family Photographer Holding Her Camera

Capturing Moments That Last A Life Time

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